Apps and Web Platforms
for Special People

Individuals, entrepreneurs and companies that could not be served by first
line software companies due to budget or other reasons

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Awesome Features

DGTAware is a tech project that aims to provide Apps, Web Platforms and Software in general to companies and individuals that could not be served by first line software companies (due to budget or other reasons). If you have an idea for an App or if you need a specific Web Platform to optimize your business drop a us a line. At the end, we will provide you with a free solution, or a low cost solution or even a software by hardware exchange solution.

Native App Development

Tailored and dedicated to a specific platform like iOS, or Android.

Optimized Web Platforms

We use C++ to develop Web platforms in order to get more from hardware resources.

Standardized IoT Solutions

Based on an horizontal market standard to maximize interoperability.

Shared With Everyone

We want to share our knowledge with everyone (even without a budget).


The YSites App Use Case

Fernando Cortes is a non tech savvy person that would like to have an easy and handy solution to create websites using solely his smartphone, any time and anywhere. After trying many mobile apps he decide to send us an e-mail talking about his need and we created the YSites App (Android and iOS) that is now available for free for everyone. Now, Fernando and other users can develop websites and hosting businesses by just filling the gaps. (

Launch Us a Challenge

Hey, do you need a CRM specially tailored for you and for your activity? Do you need an app for customer or consumer engagement, etc.? Drop us a line and tell us your story...


Our Pricing

We are not pursuing the money, but of course like you we have some bills to pay...



For those friends* that have a good idea or a real need but no budget at all



For those friends* that have a good idea or a real need and some budget available for that



For those friends* that want to exchange software by hardware, useful for our research

* Anyone can become our friend!

About us

The DGTAware (e.g. Digitally Aware) project was born to serve people, entrepreneurs and companies that could not be served by first line software development companies, in this Information Technology era. DGTAware is also very committed with research activities in order to bring tested and suitable hardware and software solutions to our community (e.g. IoT, Horizontal Interoperability, Machine Learning, Sensor Networks, Data analytics, etc.). As the money is not our first aim, we ensure that everyone can get the required solutions* by offering a very flexible pricing model ranging from free or low-cost to hardware by software exchange.

* Depends on the availability of DGTAware human resources and the project's pipeline

Our Vision

To be a partner of choice for those individuals, entrepreneurs or small companies that can not reach traditional software solutions from traditional software companies. Our mission is also to guarantee 100% satisfaction even for free solutions.



Our main provided services are Web development and mobile app development, but we are open to other challenges as well. Besides software development, we also do research on the Internet of Things concept, Machine learning and improvement of legacy physical products and software.

Web Application Development

Personal websites, company websites, CMS and Web platforms to manage and automate your business, developed with efficient tools to run over cheap hardware.

Native Mobile App Development

Native iOS and Android consumer and enterprise app development using platform-specific programming tools to provide high performance, advanced customization and user experience

Other Services

Systems integration, adaptation and modernization of legacy applications, following international standards.
Creative ideas for enhancing products through augmentation and connectivity.
Real time data for quick decision-making and process optimization, etc.

Our Team

These are the main persons that decided to joined this project to help special people

Alexandre Costa


Alexandre is a programmer with more that 30 years of experience in desktop, mobile, cloud and IoT environments. In free time he is also a Web designer and a Web developer :-)

Clara Salgado

Web developer

Clara has a large experience in Web development and, in these days, she decided to put the new Web frameworks apart and go strait to C++. In free time, she is also a Web designer and a Programmer :-)

Carlos Fernandes

Embedded systems

Carlos has a large experience in embedded systems prototyping as well as new generation of low-power communication protocols such Bluetooth Low Energy, LoRa/LoRaWAN, ZigBee, etc. In free time he is also a Web designer and a Web developer :-)


If you'll like to know more about our experience designing and delivering software solutions, or get advice on your own technology challenges get in touch.

Avenida Elisio de Moura
3030-183 Coimbra

DGTAware totally respects your privacy. No data (cookies, location, etc.) are collected about you or about your device